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I made Tempest Baker on the potter’s wheel with an iron bearing stoneware clay that fires out toasty brown.  First I throw the bowl portion of the baker/casserole, creating a galley where the lid will seat.  Next I measure the diameter of the bowl with calipers and throw the lid to fit that diameter.

When the two parts of the baking dish are not quite leather hard, I trim each part and then make two small handles for the bowl and one chunky handle for the lid from twisted clay.  For the final touch, I craved a sun motif in the top of the lid.  And then I allow the piece to dry fully so it can be bisque fired.  Now that the piece is bisqued and has become ceramic, I wax the galley and the rim of the lid which will resist glaze from sticking.   I want to fire the lid and the bowl together and I don’t want glaze to fuse them together.

For this piece, I started the decoration by dipping into a floating blue glaze that I make, on a diagonal.  Next I dipped the lower half in a purple matte glaze.  And I leave a swatch of bare clay between the two colors so I can overlap the two with the red gold glaze.  Same for the lid.  A few daubs of the red gold with my sash brush to give added interest.  This is a glaze technique I’ve been calling “Tempest” because it can be wild like the weather!

Finally I load Tempest Baker in the kiln and I fire to 2200 degrees.

Yes, you can bake in it!  Use it to serve as well.  It will help to keep food warm longer.

It has a trimmed foot. Bowl is 8″ Diameter x 4.5″ High

1.5-quart capacity

(Note:  When reheating leftovers from the fridge, allow the casserole to come to room temperature before placing in a pre-heated oven.  Or, place the cold casserole in a cold oven and warm the two up together.