Tibetan Temple Lantern


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I made Tibetan Temple Lantern on the potter’s wheel as a cylinder and then altered it into a square.  I next attached a slab bottom and cut a second slab of clay for the roof.  A serrated rib and a meat texturing hammer give the roof character and interest.  After the roof is attached, I cut out a door.

Now it’s time to embellish.  I’ve been loving this batik block print stamp for texture.  In this piece, I cut the pieces up after rolling the texture and then embellished the lantern.  Rolled clay is patterned by using a batik stamp and then cut into pieces.  I use these pieces to frame a door and front “window”. The embellishments remind me of Tibetan temple architecture.

Tibetan Temple Lantern is emerging!  In this piece, I used a more pattern set of piercings concentrated inside the architectural features.  A handle is the final touch.

After the lantern has been bisque fired, I rub iron oxide across the surface to set off the design. I brushed a bit of gold glaze over some areas as well and then fired the lantern to 2200 degrees F.

Now you have a beautifully functional touch of magic to add to your home or garden.  Use inside on a dining table, side table, tub ledge, or niche.  Use outside on the patio, in the garden, or hang in a tree!

Wired door accommodates tea or votive candles.  7″ H x 3″ x 3″

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