Treeknot Fairy House Lantern


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I made Treeknot Fairy House Lantern on the potter’s wheel and then altered the form quite a bit.  I stamped clay cut-outs with a batik block printer and attached them to the main body.  A meat tenderizing hammer makes great texture!

After completing construction of Treeknot Fairy House Lantern, I cut an arched door that accommodates votive candles. Now it’s ready to pierce.  At this point, I have a good feel for the lantern’s unique personality.  I don’t use a stencil for piercing.  I use intuition, varying the holes to make interesting light patterns.

After I bisque fired the lantern, I rubbed iron oxide all over the surface to darken and deepen the color.  Then I brushed blue, cream, and gold glazes in areas over the piece, varying the surface.  The finished piece reminds me of a battered treeknot that is now home to fairies.

I fired Treeknot Fairy House Lantern to 2200 degrees in my electric kiln.  Use it inside on a table, side board, beside the tub.  Use the lantern outside as well, in a flower bed, or on the hot tub, or on a patio table.

9″ High x 4″ diameter