Verde Square Baker


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I made Verde Square Baker on the potter’s wheel with slab elements.  First I throw the walls of the casserole and create a galley where the lid will seat.  When the form is stiff enough to take off the bat, I move it to a board and alter it into the shape of a curvy square.  A slab floor and handles are attached.  Then I stamp a slab of clay with an Indonesian batik block and drape it upside down in the form, allowing it to sink.

I trim it to fit the opening of the casserole and attach a sculptural handle.  After I bisque fire Verde Square Baker, I stain the top of the lid with iron oxide and glaze the underside in green.  I use my 2-part glaze application to decorate the outside of the casserole.  I glazed the inside with the same green and cream overlapping glazes.  Then I fire to 2200 degrees.  Yes, you can bake in it!  Use it to serve as well.

Flat bottom. 8.5W” x 8″D x 3″ High.

(Note:  When reheating leftovers from the fridge, allow the casserole to come to room temperature before placing in a pre-heated oven.  Or, place the cold casserole in a cold oven and warm the two up together.