“Wind of the Soul” Lidded Vessel


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WindoftheSoul lidded vessel is constructed from rolled slabs of stoneware.  “Raked” shino slip with brushwork.  16″H x 13″W at broadest point x 4″Deep.  Wood fired.  The flashing slip applied when this piece was leather hard creates the orange coloration over the piece.  By brushing through the slip, the dark iron clay peers through, creating a kind of energy or “wind”.  Brushwork in the tradition sumi painting is intended to carry the energy of the moment from a non-verbal, non-thinking place in time.  It is harder than it sounds!  Well balanced.  WindoftheSoul lidded vessel can sit on any level table top or shelf.  You could embed it in a landscape design if it is well situation in consideration of wind.  Lidded vessels can contain actual entities, in this case even cremation ashes; or, they hold one’s imagination, offering beauty and a point of interest in the oasis of your home.