Wood Fired Goblet


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I made Wood Fired Goblet on the potter’s wheel from white stoneware clay.  With a V-shape and trimmed out fancy foot, this Wood Fired Goblet is easy to hold and easier to love.  Rolled lip which makes the flow smooth from the interior of the vessel to your lips.  Well-balanced and light weight,

After the bisque fire, I dunked the goblet in a red shino glaze that I make and the added black slip brushwork to accentuate the shape of the goblet. And then into the wood kiln until 2450 degrees F, where reduction and ash and salt create a unique surface on each one.  Salt glaze washes the goblet in a smooth sheen while the melding of natural ash makes this goblet a one-of-a-kind vessel for favorite beverages.

Smooth to the touch.  Pleasing to behold.  Durable and unique.  Straight forward and classic.

Use the goblet for hot or cold beverages.  Great for iced tea, beer, stout, water, lemonade.  Or use for your coffee or latte first thing in the morning.  Hot chocolate anyone? Of course, if you use for hot beverages or put in the microwave you will want to allow the surface to cool enough to hold comfortably.

Goblet makes a thoughtful and unique, handcrafted housewarming, holiday, birthday or thank you gift.

Stands about 5.5″ high and is about 3.5″ in diameter.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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