Wood Fired Shino Teapot


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I made Wood Fired Shino Teapot from an iron-bearing stoneware clay which reduces to a deep rich brown in the wood kiln.  First I threw all the individual elements on a potter’s wheel.  I trimmed a foot that will elevate the teapot slightly off the table and added a knot lid to the lid. Next I pierce a collection of holes where the spout will be placed.  This will catch loose leaf tea from coming through the spout. Then I assemble the spout and pull a handle directly from the body of the teapot. And a small ball of clay on the handle provides a thumb stop for comfort and grip.

All three parts must work together in order to have a well-balanced and pleasing teapot.  And this is true in terms of the overall aesthetic of the teapot as well as function.  Wood Fired Shino Teapot exceeds the mark!  IMHO.

After the teapot was bisque fired, I dipped the pot and the lid in a red shino glaze that I make.  I leave the bottom, angled portion bare to add interest.  This naked clay will become smoother with regular use and washing (like a polished stone).  And for the final touch, I add a simple black slip brushwork using my handmade deer tail brush.

Beautiful to behold and pours smoothly. Seated lid with flange for stability when pouring.  The glaze surface has a metallic sheen and there are areas of blush and wood ash freckling.

Makes a great wedding, anniversary, birthday, holiday, housewarming, anytime gift!

I fire to 2400 degrees F in a wood kiln so the teapot can bear some heat!  And it’s dishwasher safe as well.

Holds 5 cups.  6.5″ High

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