A Potter’s Tail: The Great Swirl

We’re taking a 4-day mini vacation this week to celebrate 25 years of marriage and to pause.  Stitching together a living from a patchwork of creative endeavors can leave one tattered: The Great Swirl, that’s how I think of it.

Now that the outdoor fair season has ended, the Questa Studio Tour has come and gone, the wood kiln has been fired for the season; and work has been installed at the Fuller Lodge Art Center In Memoriam show, it’s a good time to unravel, especially since we now have an excellent dog-sitter just up the mountain.

Yes, okay, task-master on my shoulder, there is new work to photograph, the website is looking sold-out and the gallery shelves thin…but Life is short, the time is at hand, carpe diem, surf’s up, daylight is burning! It’s all true!…and, essential to pause, to source the calm within, to observe and breathe, commune with nature, laugh and let go.

The work will come.  In the meanwhile, I am posting a few from the wood.  Take good care of yourselves and take care of each other. The road is long if we are lucky.

wood fired bowl