In the Life

One Week in the life of a studio potter and a studio painter/jeweler.  Showing up and doing the work, that’s what it’s all about.  You never know when someone will decide to stop at your shop.  Fortunately, when you have your studio attached, you have plenty to do to amuse yourself.  Winter months are our slow times and also the time to build inventory, experiment, test, and explore new ideas.  Here is just one week in our humble lives along the roadside in the Village of Questa.


A new batch of fairy houses/lanterns and cremation box for the wood kiln.
One Week Fairy House Lanterns


Supplies from NM Clay Albuquerque!
One Week Supplies


Roger sold a painting!
One Week Sold


Smudge Bowl order for Taos Herb Company
One Week Smudge BowlsOne Week Smudge Bowls completedOne Week Drying Shelves


Unload kiln, clean up, pause!
One Week Kiln Opening

Onward to the next week in the life of studio potter and painter!  Hope to see you soon, online or in person!