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I made Big Shino on the potter’s wheel from an iron bearing stoneware clay.  It’s a fully expressed form, perhaps as wide as it is tall.  A drop down lid with modest finial closes the form elegantly.

After Big Shino goes through a bisque kiln, it’s ready to decorate.  I pour overlapping layers of a red shino glaze that I make to build texture and depth.  Shino moves from the red brown to a latte as the glaze becomes thicker.  And at it’s thickest the textural beading.  I added a line of brushwork on one side which reminds me of rolling thunder.

Time to load in the wood kiln.  We need an entire day to load the kiln.  And the crew stokes wood in the kiln around the clock for 32-36 hours.  We introduce salt late in the firing and the salt can influence the glazes or make it’s own glaze on a bare pot.

This big pot has shimmery surface that modulates in depth and tone. And the thick shino gives textural interest as well. Each angle offers another dynamic perspective.

Makes a stunning and unique wedding gift, anniversary gift, or housewarming gift.

Fired to 2400 degrees F

10 x 10