Black Satin Candle Stalks


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I made Black Satin Candle Stalks with giant slabs of clay.  First I pressed large blocks of clay through my slab roller creating two 2′ x 2′ sheets of clay that is about 1/2″ thick.  And then trace my template and cut each sheet to form the conical shape. The tricky part is draping the sheets so they will stiffen in a “going round” shape.  Fortunately I saved the large cardboard tubes in which my photo gradient backdrops are mailed.  When I just can’t wait any longer, I stand the tube with clay sheet upright, remove the tube, and quickly join the sheet into a stalk.  And let’s not forget to add the bottom!

After the stalks are formed, I throw throw several candle holders in order to get the “best” two.  And then I attach the candle cups to the top of each stalk. Lastly, I pierce the bottom of each stalk to allow trapped air to escape.  Drying the stalks slowly and evenly from here on out is key to keeping the stalks as straight as humanly possible and level.

I fire Black Satin Candle Stalks in a bisque kiln and then painted each stalk with a black satin glaze.  The black satin glaze gives the clay a smooth and clean look and feel.  And I glazed the interiors of each cup with a floating blue glaze.  I dipped the rims of the candle cups in a red gold.

Use anywhere really.  Add drama and ambiance to a dining table or side board.  Try them in the bath or beside your fireplace.  Perhaps on a mantel, in the entry way, or on the patio. They are stable; although given their height, you may want to tack them down with puddy you can buy at a hardware store.

Make a unique and special wedding gift, anniversary, housewarming, or  holiday gift.  Gift yourself!

Each stalk holds a ball or pillar candle.   Go short of tall.

22″ Tall.  Fired to 2200 degrees F.

Sold as a pair.

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