Canyon Wall Vase


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I made Canyon Wall Vase on the potter’s wheel from an iron bearing stoneware clay.  I start by throwing a cylinder with no bottom. Next, I shape the cylinder into a kind of horseshoe, allowing the shape to form with the nature of the clay wall   In this case, it’s a squarish rim and simple, strong bend.  Then I attach a slab rolled bottom and when the piece is dry, I bisque fire.

Knowing that this piece was heading to the wood kiln, I chose to leave a good portion of it bare.  And since we fire to 2400 degrees, the clay will be vitrified or non absorbent even when left bare.  Next I over lapped a yellow salt glaze over a red shino on opposing angles.  The bubbles in the shino created a pattern that looks like it was printed.

Use this vase for your favorite floral bouquets.  The shape will spread the flowers into a pleasing line formation with a natural flow.  Or use this vase as a sculptural piece that can stand alone and accent any home decor.  Strong, quiet, original.  Makes a great wedding, housewarming, or anniversary gift.

Sits flat and is sturdy.  Hefty in weight and stable.  8″ high x 7″ long x 2″ deep.

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