Grass Hut Lantern


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I made Grass Hut Lantern on the potter’s wheel as a cylinder and then squared the body and attached a slab floor.  Then I rolled a slab for the floor and roof, giving the roof texture with an angled rolling pin.  The door is cut to follow the form and accommodates tea light or votive candles.

I rolled the leftover slab pieces from making the floor with burlap to add textural dimension to the body and then pierced the holes in leaf shapes.  Floating and varying the direction of these shapes creates a varied pattern of interest, day or night.  Brushing a little slip over the rolled texture of the roof and across the surface may add some interest.

After bisque firing Grass Hut Lantern, I loaded it in my wood burning kiln, on the first shelf up front, right against the fire box.  Natural wood ash glaze occurs in the course of the firing. And Some carbon trapping across the surface adds the feeling of time gone by.

Use inside on a table or along a tub or shelf, or use outside in a flower bed, on a patio table, or landscape feature.

Truly unique and carefully handcrafted.  Durable and enchanting.  Makes a great wedding, anniversary, holiday, housewarming, or anytime gift! Start a collection!

Use tealight or votive candles.  Access through Wired door.  Carry with Knob handle.

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