Hanging Leaf Lantern


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I made Hanging Leaf Lantern on the potter’s wheel in two parts, using an iron bearing stoneware clay.  First I threw the body of the lantern with room for a foot. And then I threw the roof.  Next I trim the foot of the lantern body and attach the lid and tipped the edge for punctuation.  The lid is pierced to allow for a hanging wire after firing.

Now it’s time to cut out the door and pierce the body!  I use a sharp, Exacto-style knife.  And I don’t use stencils.  I choose the shape of the cut intuitively as I go, hoping to create a cohesive but visually interesting pattern.  I chose leaf shapes that I cut in different directions to create interest and flow, thinking about how the light will cast.

After I bisque-fired Hanging Leaf Lantern, I loaded the lantern, with many other pots, in my wood burning kiln and fired with my crew for about 32 hours to approximately 2400 degrees.  Natural ash glaze covers the surface with sprays of ash over lid and door.

Hang your lantern from a hook on a tree branch.  Set it on a patio table, along a spa, or on the deck.

Use the lantern inside as well by hanging from a plant hanger or perhaps from a ceiling hook.  Add a bit of whimsy and ambiance to your bath or nook or bedroom.  Use refillable oil candles from Firefly or a regular votive candle.  If you prefer to use a votive candle, place a square of waxed paper on the floor under the candle in case the candle melts down.

A wired door accommodates either refillable oil candle or votive.  Wire hanging handle.

Makes a great wedding, housewarming, holiday, or anytime gift.