Night Sky Sidekicks


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I made Night Sky Sidekicks on the potter’s wheel.  They each have a tapered shape and a trimmed foot.  Side Kicks are perfect little serving bowls for all kinds of finger foods; like nuts or pretzels, or olives.  But they also serve up sauces, condiments, small salads, soups perfectly as well.  Use them as individual rice bowls or miso bowls.  Use them as cups if you like.  Or perhaps for ice cream.  Use them around the house, say, in the bathroom to keep cotton balls handy.  They make great “catch alls” for your dresser or countertop.  Keep them together or spread them out.  Once you have a set of these bowls, you’ll want more.  There are so many uses.  Stack ’em up!

They are just all ’round useful side bowls.

And they are pretty too, with red gold overlapping a blue glaze at the top.  And a yummy red brown stain over the body.  I lined the interiors with the same blue and trailed red gold to give it some star light.  Dark navy blue of night with a hint of light playing out across the horizon.  Earthy, natural, striking.

I fire all my pottery to at least 2200 degrees F.  These are strong and durable side bowls. They fit in your hand nicely and they sit stable on the table as well.

Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

Night Sky Sidekicks make a great thank you gift, house warming gift, holiday gift, anytime gift.

4” Dia. 2.75” H.

Sold as set of 3.

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