Purple Salad Bowl


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I made Purple Salad Bowl on the potter’s wheel from stoneware clay.  It has a trimmed foot and a flared rim. The line is smooth, clean from center of the bowl to rim.  The shape is open but has good depth to hold soups and salads as well.

I create this “Purple Sunset” glaze effect by overlapping 3 different glazes. Two of the glazes I make and 1 glaze I buy commercially.  First is a dip into the purple matte glaze I make, but only the outside and about 3/4 of the way up from the foot.  Next I line the bowl with a floating blue glaze that I make and do my best to leave the upper 1/4 of the interior bare.  Then I dip the upper portion of the bowl in red gold glaze, making sure it overlaps with the blue on the interior and the purple on the exterior.  There is a unique melding to each bowl, cup, plate, and so on; which makes it easy on the eye when laying out an entire place setting; but there also is a consistency which creates a reliable aesthetic.

Use Purple Salad Bowl for salad, pasta, soup, small servings, or snacks.  There are so many uses!

Makes a beautiful and unique gift.

I fire all my dinnerware to at least 2200 degrees F.

7.75″ diameter x 3.25″ high

Microwave and dishwasher safe