Shinto Lodge Lantern


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I made Shinto Lodge Lantern on the potter’s wheel as a cylinder and then squared the body and attached a slab floor.  Then I rolled a thick slab for the roof, giving the roof texture with an ridged rolling pin.  The door is cut to follow the form and accommodates tea lights or votive candles.

I rolled the leftover slab pieces from making the roof with burlap to add texture and used them to create “windows”.  Then I pierced the holes in modern cutouts.  Brushing a little slip over the rolled texture of the roof and across the surface may add some interest.

After bisque firing Shinto Lodge Lantern, I loaded it in my wood burning kiln, right in the trough.  Salt introduced late in the firing vaporizes and forms a textural, coppery glaze.  Natural wood ash glaze occurs in the course of the firing.

Use inside on a table or along a tub or shelf, or use outside in a flower bed, on a patio table, or landscape feature.

Truly unique and carefully handcrafted.  Durable and enchanting.  Makes a great wedding, anniversary, holiday, housewarming, or anytime gift! Start a collection!

Use tealight or votive candles.  Access through Wired door.  Carry with Knob handle. 8.5 x 6 x 6