Southwestern Tortilla Warmer


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I made Southwestern Tortilla Warmer on the potter’s wheel with an iron bearing stoneware clay that fires out toasty brown.  First I throw the bowl portion of the baker/casserole, creating a galley where the lid will seat.  Next I measure the diameter of the bowl with calipers and throw the lid to fit that diameter.  This is a sturdy lid with some weight to it and it fits neatly in the galley for a “safe landing”.

When the two parts of the baking dish are not quite leather hard, I trim each part and add a generous knotted handle for the lid from twisted clay.  For the final touch, I carved a sun motif in the top of the lid.  And then I allow the piece to dry fully so it can be bisque fired.

For this piece, I started the decoration by rubbing red iron oxide over the exterior of the bowl and the interior of the lid.  Also, I rub red iron oxide at the trim of the lid.  Next I dip the lid into a red gold  just over the sun design.  The red gold breaks over carving and texture and this will make the sun pop!  I also line the interior of the bowl with the same red gold.  And this glaze is a soft matte finish, adding to the rustic southwestern personality.

Finally I load Southwestern Tortilla Warmer in the kiln and I fire to 2200 degrees.

This is a low profile, open dish, suitable for casseroles or warming tortillas. Yes, you can bake in it!  Use it to serve as well.  It will help to keep food warm longer.  And it’s attractive to use as a display piece when not in service.

Makes a great wedding gift or anniversary gift; also, a great housewarming gift!

It has a slightly trimmed foot. Bowl is approximately 11″ Diameter x 1.5″.  With lid 4.5″ High to top of finial

(Note:  When reheating leftovers from the fridge, allow the casserole to come to room temperature before placing in a pre-heated oven.  Or, place the cold casserole in a cold oven and warm the two up together.