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I made Taos Bloom Pouch Mug on the potter’s wheel from an iron-bearing stoneware clay.  The clay is a toasty tan color when fired to its maturity.  I pulled the handle directly from the body of the mug and added a thumb rest for extra comfort.  The handle is comfortable – not too thin not too thick – and slightly looped for a comfortable hold.  It’s a full form that sits stable on the table and feels smooth and balanced in the hand.

Taos Bloom Pouch Mug helps keeps your favorite beverage hot or cold.  Liquid flows smoothly from the inside curve to your mouth.  The shape is pleasing to the eye and comfortably balanced in the hand.

I create the “Taos Bloom” by first dipping the cup in a floating blue glaze that I make.  Next I daub a red gold glaze over the surface of the blue glaze.  Sometimes the glaze is thick and as I daub the glaze transfer will thin out, creating a modulated pattern.  Lately, I’ve taken to adding some glaze trails with a quick whip of the brush.  The red gold glaze over the floating blue fires out bright blue and creates blooms.  Perhaps they are clouds.  Or feel more floral or stellar!

All of my mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Makes a great gift for any occasion:  Housewarming, birthday, holiday, “thank you”.

4.5”H. 14 oz capacity

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