Taos Chill


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I made Taos Chill on the potter’s wheel using stoneware clay and then trimmed a flat bottom.  The rim is bare and permanently stained with red iron oxide for contrast.  But wait.  There is a dollop of blue glaze that landed on the rim from the shelf above.  These things rarely but do sometimes happen and it’s really a matter of personal preference whether or not to be bothered by them.

As for the “Taos” Glaze, I start by dipping the upper 2/3 of the pot in a floating blue glaze which I make.  Next I dip the bottom 1/3 of the pot in a copper green glaze which I also make.  Then I trail and pour a cream rust glaze I make over the “seam” where the two glazes meet.  And for the final touch, a quick dip just at the top with a red gold glaze.  The red gold glaze tends to create a blaze in the blue.  In this case, the blue is quite deep and fluid as though the sky has opened up to pour.  And the interior is also lined with red gold which makes a stunning contrast with the cool colors of the exterior.    The dynamic result reminds me of the natural environment of Northern New Mexico.

If you like, place Taos Chill in the freezer for an hour or so before opening a wine.  Then place the wine bottle directly inside the sleeve.  The cold stoneware will help to chill a wine and also to keep an already chilled wine cold longer.  But if you prefer not to put the chiller in the freezer, that’s okay too.  The stoneware will still help keep an already chilled bottle of wine cold longer.

Use to organize your kitchen tools or as a vase!  And it’s easy to store when not in service.

Makes a great wedding, anniversary, holiday, birthday, housewarming gift!

Approximately 7.75-8″ High x 3.75″ diameter.  Five in stock, each its own beautiful expression of glaze application, fire, and fusion!

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