Taos Open Bowl Set


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I made Taos Open Bowl Set on the potter’s wheel.  Each bowl has an open form, with a graceful inner line, flat ledge, and slightly beaded rim. Flat foot.  Light weight and durable.

The “Taos” glaze is a technique I have developed for layering 4 different glazes.  I have made and used the floating blue glaze for years and I continue to use it as the mainstay on many pots.  But for this combo, I dip half the piece in the blue glaze.  It’s blue blue when it’s applied more thickly and a midnight dark blue with areas of brown when applied thinly.  A tricky glaze in some ways!  After applying the floating blue, I dip the other half of the piece in a copper green that I make.  This is a very stable and consistent glaze.  No tricks.  Next, I pour a homemade cream rust glaze in a couple of areas.  Then it’s flinging, trailing, and blotching a red gold glaze over the surface to pop the blue and enhance the overall surface.  Each application is slightly unique and also consistent because I have learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t!

Use Taos Open Bowl Set for oatmeal, soup, or salad; stir fry or cereal.  Use it as a serving bowl at the table or for snacks.  Bowls seem to have an endless use.

Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

Makes a great thank you gift, house warming gift, holiday gift, anytime gift.

Set of 4 Each bowl is approximately 7.5” Dia. 2” H.

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