Taos Pitcher 40 oz.


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I made Taos Pitcher 40 oz on the potter’s wheel from stoneware clay.  I pulled the handle directly from the pot and added a thumb stop for comfort and leverage.  It has a flat bottom and stands 7.5” high.

The ‘Taos’ glaze is a technique of pouring and dipping blue, green, cream, and gold glazes. The overlapping layers often produces a surface reminiscent of the colors in the landscape of Northern New Mexico.

I pulled the spout from the neck and rim.  It pours smoothly.

Taos Pitcher was fired to 2200 degrees F serve up hot as well as cold beverages.  Stoneware pottery holds the temperature of its contents better than poured commercial slip ware.

Use the pitcher for a flower vase. Dishwasher safe.