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Verde Set consists of creamer, sugar, and oval tray.  I made the creamer and sugar on the potter’s wheel and I made the tray using a drape mold.  It is the result of a request from one of my nicest customers.  He wanted a set to give to his mother.  The oval tray is a totally new creation for me.  It required a bit of experimentation with thickness and drying to have success.  But the tray is the perfect size for a round sugar and small pitcher or creamer.

The clay is tan or light brown in color. The surface is combination of copper green and cream rust glazes.  First I dip half of each piece of the set: the tray, the creamer and the sugar, in the copper green glaze I make .  Then I dip the other half in the cream rust, making sure to overlap.  The overlap creates a textural component I find intriguing.  The result is a clean, tailored finish, which is smooth and soothing.

Verde Set makes a great wedding, housewarming, birthday, holiday, or thank you gift!  Keep it for yourself!  Use the elements individually or as a set.  For example, the tray might serve sushi with the creamer used for soy sauce and the sugar bowl for pickled ginger.  The oval tray measures 9.5″ long by 5″ wide and sits flat.

Dishwasher safe.