Wood Fired Wine Cups


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I made Wood Fired Wine Cups on the potter’s wheel and gave each a finger indention on either side, just like my other wine cups.  The finger dents give you a place to grasp the cup comfortably.  Flat bottoms.  Rolled rims help liquid move in the right direction!

After the Wood Fired Wine Cups are dry and bisqued fired, it’s time for the wood kiln.  Here’s were all the magic happens.  We use 2 cords of wood over 32-36 hours of continuous stoking to bring the kiln up to 2400 degrees.  Wood ash settles on pots early in the firing and then melts, creating a natural glaze and also intensifying glaze already on the pots.  Salt introduced into side stokes volatilizes and adds orange peel texture where the clay is bare. Each pot is a record of flame, temperature, ash and salt distribution.

I lined each each with glaze and dipped about a 1/4 of the way down the cup.  The rest is salt and ash glaze from the kiln.  Some brushwork on the sides as well.

Use wine cups for wine certainly.  Also use them for any beverage, hot or cold.  Of course, if you’re using them for tea cups, be prepared to let them cool enough to handle them first!

The pair makes a great wedding, anniversary, house warming, birthday, holiday, or anytime gift!  Beautiful and unique.

Approximately 4″ high.  10 oz capacity.

Sold in pairs.  Please see additional photos of different pairs as there is variation between the pairs.