Observations on a Painter

Sometimes you have to shake things loose.  The brain has a way of analyzing.  Perhaps that’s okay in design work; but when expressing your interior via an external media, it’s more satisfying, and often more successful, if you by-pass your thinking and work from another place.  It’s like losing yourself in order to find yourself.  As my Dad said, “It’s going on all the time in the background of your subconscious; you just have to access it.”

I’ve was watching Roger from my clay studio last week.  He spent a few days, off and on as he does, on a couple of perfectly wonderful landscapes which he determined were still not what he was after.  He was getting hung up in the detail, he said.  Then on Friday Roger burst into the shop (literally, no one enters like he does), plopped a canvas board on the easel, and went after some idea he obviously has been working on in the background of his subconscious!  Possibly an hour later the energetic brushwork has taken shape and is brought to its conclusion.

Please enjoy View of La Junta https://www.artquesta.com/shop/paintings/view-la-junta/