Bamboo Hut Lantern


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I made Bamboo Hut Lantern on the potter’s wheel, using an iron bearing stoneware clay.  First I throw the body as a cylinder with no floor, and then I alter it into a somewhat square shape.  Burlap creates texture for the embellished surface and carbon trapping gives the sensation of antiquity.  The floor and roof are attached from rolled slabs of clay.  In the case of the roof, additional texture was rolled into the clay.  Knotted handle adds character and functionality.

Once the form is complete, I cut the door and pierce the body with an exacto knife.  I don’t use patterns.  It’s all done intuitively.

Next the lantern form is bisque-fired with a little slip dabbed here and there for potential accent.  And then it’s into the wood burning kiln!  The small lantern huts are placed on the bottom shelf right against the fire box.  Firing there for 38 hours results in a natural ash glaze covering the entire piece.

Set Bamboo Hut Lantern on a patio table, along a spa, or on the deck.  Set in a flower bed or use as a landscape feature.

You may also use the lantern inside to add ambiance to any table, niche, or tub area.

Wired door accommodates tealight or votive candles.  Stuff the lantern with as many candles as will fit.  9″ high x 4″ x 4″