Taos Long Pan


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I threw the walls of Taos Long Pan on the potter’s wheel as a bottomless ring.  Then I shape it into a rectangle and add a slab rolled floor and sturdy handles.  The bottom is flat.

Taos glaze consists of pouring and dipping blue, green, cream, & gold glazes.  I dip the piece in the floating blue glaze I make and then dip the other “half” in the green glaze I make.  Next I pour small amounts of the cream glaze I make over the “seam” where the two glazes meet.  For the final touch, I pour a red gold glaze mainly over the blue areas.  The result is unique, dynamic, and reminiscent of a Northern New Mexico landscape.

And yes, you can bake in it!  Bake enchiladas, lasagna, egg plant parmesan, or your holiday stuffing.  Use for a serving tray.

When baking at room temperature, the dish is safe to go into a preheated oven; however, when reheating refrigerated left-overs, do not preheat the oven.  Put the cold dish into the cold oven and heat them up together.  If you are juggling oven time and the oven is already hot, allow the refrigerated dish to come to room temperature first.

Makes a wonderful wedding gift, housewarming gift, holiday gift.

Taos Long Pan is 13″L x 9.5″D x 2″H.

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