Beltza Filter Sling


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I hand-built Beltza Filter Sling from stoneware clay.  First, I designed and cut out a template for my design, intended to hold paper cone-shaped coffee filters.  Use them to hold napkins as well. Use your ingenuity.  The design is clean, simple, and unique.

To start my construction,  I roll out a slab of clay between 1/2″ thick, using a slab roller because it compresses the clay nicely into an even sheet.  Next I cut the pattern out for the number of slings I am making.  The edges are smoothed and then the sling is formed.

After firing in a bisque kiln, I move to the glazing process.  Here I am using a satin black glaze that I purchase commercially.  It’s silky smooth to the touch and calming to the eye.  Beltza = black in Basque.

Store Beltza Filter Sling in the cabinet with your coffee grinder and beans or leave it on the counter as a design accent.  It’s that pretty. And a space safer too.

Fired to 2200 degrees.  Makes a great housewarming, holiday, birthday, thank you, or anytime gift!  Treat yourself.  Take those filters out of the box and put them in this lovely and handy filter sling.  Great addition to your coffee nook.

7″ Long

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