Blue Rain Femme Fatale


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I made Blue Rain Femme Fatale on the potter’s wheel from an iron bearing stoneware clay.  It has a subtly curved shape, inward like a waistline, and with a flat bottom.  I pull the handle directly from the body of the mug, giving it a natural extension from the cup.  And I add a small bed of clay as a thumb stop or rest.

After the mug is fired to bisque, or 1800 degrees F, I dip the entire exterior of the mug in a purple matte glaze that I make.  Next, I dip the upper portion in a floating blue glaze that I make.  Once these glazes have dried, I dip about halfway down the blue with a red gold glaze.  The melding of the 3-part overlapping glazes will create a rain or sheeting effect when fired.  The colors are mesmerizing.

I glaze fire all my pottery to at least 2200 degrees F, so Blue Rain Femme Fatale is microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

Makes a great housewarming, birthday, holiday, or thank you gift.  The barrel shape helps to keep beverages hot or cold longer.  Smooth to the touch and well-balanced.

5.25-5.5”H. 12 oz capacity

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