Taos Pitcher 48 oz


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I made Taos Pitcher 48 oz on the potter’s wheel from stoneware clay and pulled the handle directly from the pot.  It has a full body that tapers to the bottom and a pedestal foot.  The spout is pulled from the rim so the pour is smooth with no drips.

To create the “Taos” look, I start by dipping the top portion of the pitcher in a floating blue glaze that I make.  Next I dip the bottom portion in a copper green glaze, which I also make.  A cream rust glaze is “trailed” and poured over the “seam” where the two glazes meet.  Finally I dip the rim in a red gold and pour a small amount over the body of the pitcher.  Wow.  The melding of these four glazes at 2200 degrees creates a stunning, dynamic, and unique surface.

Serve iced tea, iced water, milk, or hot coffee in Taos Pitcher 48 oz.  Whatever your favorite cold or hot beverages, stoneware pottery holds the temperature much better than commercial slip ware.  Display when it’s not in service.  Or use the pitcher for your favorite flowers.  Start a pitcher collection or add to an existing one!

Makes a great wedding, anniversary, housewarming, or any time gift!

Dishwasher safe.

Stands 7.25″ tall. 48 oz capacity