Boot Leg Vase


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I made Boot Leg Vase using a slab roller and batik block stamp for texture.  First I roll out the slab and cut to the handmade pattern I created.  And then I pattern the surface using the chunk, wooden, stamp.  Next I drape the slab over a tube to give it a rounded form.  And then bring the form upright and join the the two ends.  Lastly, I attach a bottom and smooth the rim.  But I leave the rim somewhat “natural” rather than cutting it exactly level because I want the vase to keep it’s rugged, “worn boot” look.

After Boot Leg Vase is fired to bisque, it is a ceramic and the surface can be applied without fear of breaking it.  At this stage, the ceramic is somewhat absorbent and will accept stain and glaze easily.  First, I line the vase with a floating blue glaze that I make.  This glaze will often fire out a mottled, bright blue that seems to have floating layers.  Then I rub the entire outside of the vase with a Spanish red iron oxide.  This fires into the ceramic and is permanent.  The contrast between the cool blue and the warm red iron is just right.

The vase adds old world charm and the stamped pattern reminds me of tooled leather.

Yes, it’s water tight!  And stable.  Use for your favorite flowers!  Makes a great house warming, wedding, birthday, or thank you gift!

Display with or without flowers.

I have 5 vases.  All are 9″ High.  3 Vases are 2.5″ Diameter and 2 are 2.25″ diameter.  Pattern varies.  You may notice the seam.  It’s not a crack.