Tempest Pitcher


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Tempest Pitcher was made on the potter’s wheel from stoneware clay.  The bottom is flat and the body tapers inward toward the top.  I pulled the handle directly from the pot and added a thumb stop for comfort and leverage.

I used the ‘Tempest’ glaze application I’ve been developing.  First, I dip about half the pitcher along a vertical, diagonal line in the floating blue glaze that I make.  Next I dip along a straight line into the purple matte glaze I make.  This creates both an overlap between the two glazes and also leaves a gap.  Then I did across the gap, slightly overlapping with both purple and blue glazes.  And for the final touch, a daub of the red gold glaze here and there to set of the glazes.  The result is a dynamic surface of both calm and storm.

An elongated form with a graceful and balanced line.  The pitcher pours well without dribbling.

Tempest Pitcher holds 1 quart of your favorite beverage.  Serve hot or cold refreshment.  The stoneware clay will help to hold the temperature.

I fired this little gem to 2200 degrees F.  It will tolerate some heat.  And it’s dishwasher safe.

Makes a great holiday, wedding, housewarming, birthday, thank you, or any time gift!

8″ High. 1-Quart capacity.