Joshua Tree Teapot


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I made Joshua Tree Teapot on the potter’s wheel from an iron bearing stoneware clay.  Teapots are a complex form, assembled from wheel thrown and hand-built elements.  I throw the body, lid, and spout of the teapot.  In this case, the lid drops down into the pot, rather than seating in the rim.  And a flared lid mirrors the triangular shape of the teapot.  Top knot completes the ensemble.

A foot is trimmed to lift the belly of the teapot and keep heat off the table.  The body is pierced to form the screen and then the spout is trimmed with a fettling knife and fitted to the form.  The finial for the lid is hand-built; that is, I roll out the clay and then twist it in a knot!  And I pull the handle directly from the body of the pot.

All the elements come together in balanced proportion, design, and function.

Once the teapot is bisque-fired, and dry-footed, it’s time for surface decoration.  I start by rubbing a red iron oxide into the body of the pot.  Next I dip just the upper portion in a red gold glaze followed by a copper green glaze. I call this combination “Joshua Tree”.

I glaze fire to 2200 degrees F, so the teapot can withstand the heat!  And it’s a smooth pour.

Joshua Tree Teapot makes a great housewarming, wedding, holiday, birthday, anytime gift for the collector and avid tea drinker.

3.5-Cup Capacity. 8.5″ High to top not of teapot lid.

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