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I made Midnight on the potter’s wheel from a tan stoneware clay body and I made the lid separately, using a caliper for measurement.  Seated lid with a flange that drops down into the neck of the pot.  A twisted finial sets off the pot exquisitely.  I approach the making of each finial much like I approach my brushwork:  Each must be made in a spontaneous, fluid, motion to capture the energy of the moment naturally. I make several finials for each piece, as they tend to get more and more lyrical as I go; and then I choose the best.

I created the surface on the pot by first pouring a floating blue glaze over the full body of the pot, flow over the curves.  Next I lined the interior with a gold glaze and dipped the top of the pot and poured the gold glaze over the surface as well.  This creates an overlap with the blue and the melding that results in the kiln is unique and mesmerizing. Lastly, I fire the piece in oxidation in my electric kiln to 2200 degrees F.

Use Midnight as a jar or vase.   Accent any table, entry way, or shelf.  Create a stellar floral arrangement and set off any centerpiece.  You can use it as a storage jar, but why not simply enjoy the way it captures the imagination?

11″ High to top of finial x 9″ Diameter

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