Tattoo Sculptural Lantern


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I made Tattoo Sculptural Lantern from rolled stoneware slabs, using a template I designed. The finial is unique to each interpretation of this form. And each incarnation of this design results in a completely unique interpretation.

Pull the finial to retract a suspended refillable oil light.  And be patient because the light is suspended deep in side the piece.  It took me some thought to figure out how to hang a candle inside the form and make that candle accessible to light!  I make a separate candle cup on a minimal base and place a hole in each corner of the vase.  After the piece is fired, I use tie or bailing wire to connect the finial top to chain and then the chain to the base.

I took inspiration for the surface design from the costumes of the Swedish Ballet.  My father gave me this book several years ago and I have poured through it many times in awe of the shapes and patterns it offers.  I painted the surface of the piece with a kaolin slip that flashes to a bronzed orange in the reduction of the wood kiln.  Then I painted with black slip on top.  I painted free-handed without a stencil so the lines are perfectly imperfect, if you will.

Tattoo Sculptural Lantern is fan-shaped, about 4″ deep, and is stable.  Museum wax or putty under the “feet” would add a sense of confidence.  Safe to use indoors or out.  Enjoy as an eye catcher by day.  By night, succumb to the magic of candle light.

17″ tall x 4″ deep x 14″ wide at broadest point.  Wood Fired.

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