Taos Platter


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I made Taos Platter on the potter’s wheel.  The trimmed foot lifts it off the table slightly.  It is flat with a rolled edge, which I bead to help prevent chipping.  I pulled and attached handles for added stability in serving.

I call the overlapping blue, green, cream, and gold glazes ‘Taos’ because the result often references a landscape reminiscent of Northern New Mexico where I live.  In this example, the glaze surface feels more like a prehistoric underwater landscape!  Well, New Mexico was once underwater.  Whatever you see in the glaze surface, you will find it intriguing and beautiful.

Use Taos Platter to serve your turkey or a roast or brisket.  And this platter makes a great chip and dip.  Just add a matching Taos Nut Bowl or a stack of Taos Finger Bowls for the dips and you are set.  Be creative and add a lidded jar for veggie dips.  I call my little jars salt cellars or sugar bowls, but you can use them any way that works for you of course.  And when you’re done entertaining, you can pop the lidded jar in the fridge.  Use for cold cuts or veggies too.  Why not use as part of a center piece on your table. Display the platter in a plate stand when not in use.  There are so many uses. I use stoneware clay, which makes the platter sturdy and durable and will last you a lifetime.  And it makes a great wedding gift.

13″ diameter

Fired to 2200 degrees F

Oven and dishwasher safe