Taos Platter


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I made Taos Platter on the potter’s wheel from an iron bearing stoneware clay.  Stoneware clay is strong and durable, fired to 2200 degrees F, which makes it ideal for dinnerware.

Flat platter with ledge and beaded rim to protect against chipping.  Trimmed foot.

Drying platters takes some care.  Mainly it takes more time than usual in order to prevent cracking.  Once the platter is dry, I fire it to about 1800.  This renders the clay a ceramic that is absorbent to glazes.

To produce the Taos glaze effect, I start by dipping approximately half the platter in a floating blue glaze which I make.  Next I dip the remaining half in a copper green glaze which I also make.  Then I take a cream rust glaze (yes, make that too) and I pour it over the seam of the two glazes.  Now, here’s where things get wild.  For the last step, I pour a red gold glaze which I buy commercially over mostly the blue area and paint on the ledge as well.  The result looks like a Rorschach test image!  But when fired to 2200 degrees F in my electric kiln, the 4 glazes make magic, often reminding me of the Northern New Mexico landscape.  Thus the title “Taos”.

Taos Platter is 15.25″ diameter.  Dishwasher and oven safe.

Use for holiday feasts.  Use to serve a variety of tapas, cold cuts, veggies, or meats.  Display the platter when it’s not in service.  Makes a great wedding gift!