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I made Wood Fired Teapot on the potter’s wheel from stoneware clay.  First, I throw the body and the lid.  I create a gallery in the neck of the teapot to seat the lid. When the two parts are ready, I trim a slight foot and round out the lid.  Next, I make a spout on the potter’s wheel.  And when the spout is slightly stiff, I cut and fit it to the pot.  Then I pierce holes where the spout will go to create a screen for loose leaf teas and attach the spout.  Once the spout is attached, smoothed, and pitched properly, I pull the handle from a lug of clay. I pull my handles directly from the pot, which gives it a natural shape and connection to the teapot.  Lastly, I twist a knotted finial for the lid.  And voila a teapot is born.

The result is a balanced sum of the parts.

After the teapot is fired to bisque, I glazed the teapot in Malcolm’s Shino, which I make.  And I like to pour and layer when glazing with shinos.  Thinner swatches pull to a reddish brown.  And thicker areas result in a caramel brown or even cream color.  Often a shino glaze will pull or crawl where thick; and I happen to like these areas because they add texture and interest. The overall effect gives the surface depth.  For the final touch, I brush a black slip around the rim which sets off the Shino.

Wood Fired Shino Teapot fired for 32 hours in a wood burning kiln to 2400 degrees F.  It has a neutral matte surface with hints of peach, red brown, and yellow ash.

Steep and serve your favorite tea, loose leaf or bagged.  The spout has a built in “screen”.  Serve sake if you like.  The teapot pours smoothly.
Display on a shelf when not using the teapot.

Makes a great wedding, anniversary, housewarming, birthday, or anytime gift.  Feast your eyes on the various passages that create a fascinating surface of this full form.

5.5-cup capacity.

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