Taos Salad Bowl


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I made Taos Salad Bowl on the potter’s wheel.  Each bowl has a slightly flared form, with a beaded rim, and trimmed foot.  Medium weight, well-balanced, and sturdy.

The “Taos” glaze is a technique I have developed for layering 4 different glazes.  I have made and used the floating blue glaze for years and I continue to use it as the mainstay on many pots.  But for this combo, I dip half the piece in the blue glaze.  It’s blue blue when it’s applied more thickly and a midnight dark blue with areas of brown when applied thinly.  A tricky glaze in some ways!  After applying the floating blue, I dip the other half of the piece in a copper green that I make.  This is a very stable and consistent glaze.  No tricks.  Next, I pour a homemade cream rust glaze in a couple of areas.  Then it’s flinging, trailing, and blotching a red gold glaze over the surface to pop the blue and enhance the overall surface.  Each application is slightly unique and also consistent because I have learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t!

Use Taos Salad Bowl for, well, salad, or, soup, or cereal.  Or one for soup, the other for salad!  Use as a serving bowl at the table or for snacks.  And you can go with “meal in a bowl” too.  Bowls seem to have an endless uses.  Sits stable on the table or comfy in your hand (the foot makes a useful hand hold!)

Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.

Makes a great thank you gift, house warming gift, holiday gift, anytime gift.

7.5” Dia. 3” H.

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