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I made Tempest Teapot by throwing the individual elements on a potter’s wheel and then assembling those elements:  Body, spout, and lid.  All three must work together in order to have a well-balanced and pleasing teapot.  First, the body is full and round with a trimmed foot to elevate the pot off the table.  The neck draws in and then flares at the rim.  Next, the spout is proportional to the body and has a built in strainer to catch loose leaf tea.  It pours smoothly.  Lastly, the lid has a flange which drops down into the pot, providing more stability when pouring.  And the lid seats into the rim of the pot.  A twisted finial ties it all together!

But let’s not forget the handle.  I pull this directly from the pot, after the pot has been trimmed and spout has been attached.  It’s a strong handle, shapely and roomy, with a thumb stop for added comfort.

Once the teapot has been bisque fired, I start by dipping the upper portion of the teapot in a floating blue glaze.  Next, I dip the lower portion of the pot in a purple matte glaze.

There’s something about the combination of floating blue, red gold, and purple glazes on Tempest Teapot that reminds me of the sunset out at sea.  An enchanting tempest brewing along with your tea, perhaps.

Use daily and display when not needed.

Makes a great wedding, housewarming, birthday, holiday, or anytime gift!

3.5-cup capacity

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