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I made Verde Barrel Mug on the potter’s wheel using a tan stoneware clay.  A delicious shape with an impeccable line with a sturdy and comfy handle.  And there’s a thumb stop for added comfort!  I gave this mug a beaded rim for added durability. And it’s comfortable on the lip too!

After I trim the mug, giving it a flat bottom, I pull the handle directly from the body of the mug.  Once it’s dried, I fire it to “bisque”.  Now it’s ready for glazing.

I call this glaze combo “Verde” (green) and it’s a combination of copper green and cream rust glazes. I make them both.  First I dip both sides of the cup on a vertical in the copper green glaze.  I try to catch an angle to add interest and leave a gap in between.  Then I dip across the gap and overlapping the green with the cream rust.  The overlapped area creates a visual texture I find intriguing.

Then the cup is fired a second time to 2200 degrees.  The result is a clean, tailored look.  This treatment has some very exciting texture where the two glazes combine.  And it’s a well-balanced, light weight mug.

Serve your favorite beverage hot or cold.  The mug will help hold the temperature longer.

Verde Barrel Mug makes a great housewarming, birthday, or just to say “thank you” gift.

All of my mugs are Microwave and dishwasher safe.

5.25″ H 15 oz capacity