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I made Verde Barrel Mug on the potter’s wheel using a tan stoneware clay.  Behold the delicious pear shape, impeccable line, and a beaded rim.  A flat bottom.  And I pulled a sturdy, comfy handle directly from the body of the mug and added a thumb stop for comfort!

After the mug is made and dried, I fire it to bisque and then apply the glaze.  Now it’s playtime!

I start by dipping the mug about halfway on a diagonal in the copper green (verde) glaze and create a gap for the second glaze by dipping on the opposite side of the mug, on a diagonal and covering a smaller area.

Next, I dip the mug in a cream rust glaze that I make and fill in the gap and overlap the green in places.  And I protect the bottom from overlapping glazes to prevent it from becoming too thick and moving onto the shelf.  Thankfully, I have learned how to “mix it up” with the two glazes and achieve consistent results.

Finally the mug is ready for it’s second firing, this time to 2200 degrees!

Voila! The result is a smooth, tailored surface.  Observe the suggestion of “cactus” where the two glazes overlap and appreciate the clean surface where each glaze stands apart.  Verde Barrel Mug reflects a well-balanced surface and form that you may embrace with one hand or both!

Now it’s time to drink, either Hot or cold.  Maybe coffee maybe tea, or cocoa, or something else.  Enjoy the subtleties of greens and creams, and the smooth texture of the surface as you enjoy your morning Joe or afternoon tea.  And you can sip with confidence because I formed a smooth rim that rolls from inside to out.  And did you know that stoneware pottery helps hold the temperature, hot or cold?

Use as a vase for a fist full of wild flowers or use to hold pens and pencils, paint brushes, or kitchen tools.  So many uses for just one mug.

Mainly, just relax with Verde Barrel Mug because it’s easy to love. And will make a great housewarming, birthday, or just to say “thank you” gift.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

5.5″ H. 20 oz capacity.

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