Urn Jar Vase


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I made Urn Jar Vase on the potters wheel and I threw the lid to match, giving the lid a flange that drops down slightly inside the neck of the pot.  For a unique and playful finial, I twist a textured strip of clay into a fluid knot!  I approach finials and decorative handles much as I approach brushwork; that is, striving for a fluid, spontaneous motion that captures the energy and honesty of the moment.

And now the pot is ready for surface treatment.

I swab a white slip as a patchy circle over the surface on both sides, and then I use a small handmade broom tool to rake through the slip to create texture. When the slip is dry, I take a handmade deer tail brush and black slip…and I pause.  I make my marks when the moment seems right, and perhaps something in my subconscious has awakened.

Okay, time to load the wood kiln. It takes us the entire day to load and the next 32-36 hours to reach 2400 degrees F.  And that means stoking around the clock.

Also, we introduce salt late in the fire.  The salt vaporizes and to form a glaze on the pots that are bare.  And enhance the pots that are glazed.

And luckily for this pot, the salt did find the surface, leaving an orange peel texture in places and a sheen in other areas.  Also, subtle sprays of golden ash here and there.

Use Urn Jar Vase as an urn for a beloved pet or person.  Or use as a vase.  It’s water tight.  Or use as an accent on table, side board, entryway, niche, or shelf.

And it makes a unique and cherished gift for any occasion as well.

9.75″ High

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