Verde Finger Bowls


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I made Verde Finger Bowls on the potters wheel, throwing them “off the hump”.  Because the bowls are petite, throwing a small section at a time from one large mass of clay on the wheel is easier and more efficient than working individually. And it’s fun to say.

Glazed in the technique I have developed and call “Verde”, each little bowl is dipped in the copper green and then the cream rust glazes I make here in the studio.  The overlapped areas remind me of cactus somehow.  But the overall look is clean and tailored.

Sold as a stack of 3.  3-3.5″ diameter.

Use these bowls for so many things.  They make great wasabi and soy sauce dishes.  Or salt and pepper dishes at the table or stove.  Keep your coffee warmer and use as a lid.  Or cover your teacup while your tea is steeping and then plop the teabag into the dish.  How convenient!.

My mother used one of these dishes to set out my fathers vitamins for the day.

Perhaps you need a keepsake dish for your jewelry.  They hold votive candles nicely and can be set about your tub or dining table.

Why you can even drink saki from them with 2 other friends.

Verde Finger Bowls are easy to store, easy to engage, and easy to love.

What a great gift!  Set of 3.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Pair with Verde Square