Verde Square


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I made Verde Square using a drape mold.  First I rolled out a slap of stoneware clay. Then I “fitted” the clay to form of the drape mold and cut the off the excess clay.  After just a few minutes, I turn the square over and remove the mold.  Now it’s time to clean the edges and cover with plastic.  When it’s leather hard, I do some more clean up.  The tricky part is drying the square so it sits nice and flat and doesn’t warp.  After a few failures, I wrapped the square in newspaper.  This is a trick I use for plates as well.  The clay dries more evenly this way.

Verde is what I call the glaze combination of copper green and cream rust.  And this new creation provided opportunities to play with the overlapping of the glazes!  First I dipped about half the square in the copper green, across a horizontal line and then turning the corner like a backwards ‘7’.  Let’s hit a smaller corner on the opposite side.  Next I dipped into the cream rust, overlapping the small corner and about half of the larger section. The overlap reminds me of cactus!

Use Verde Square as a dinner plate or as a tray.  Display when it’s not in service. Makes a great wedding, housewarming, birthday or holiday gift.  Build your own set!

Dishwasher and oven safe.

8″ x 8″.  Sits flat on its bottom.  Medium weight.

Pair with Verde Finger Bowls