Wood Fired Teapot Grande


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I made Wood Fired Teapot Grande on the potter’s wheel in three separate elements:  Body, seated lid with drop down, and spout.  Then I trim the body with a foot to separate the heat from table surfaces and I trim the lid.  I make the finial for the lid with a strip of clay that I roll and then twist.  And now it’s time for the spout.  The body of the pot is pierced to create somewhat of a screen for loose leaf teas and then the spout is cut and fitted and fussed with, trimming the end to make a smooth pour all the way.  Lastly, a handle is pulled directly from the body of the teapot.  This is a complex form and the parts need to make a well-balanced and visually appealing whole.

After trimming and assembling the Wood Fired Teapot Grande, I decorated both sides with a white slip and ran a small broom tool I made through the slip to create texture.  Then I fire it to bisque and it’s ready for glazing.  I dipped just the spout and handle and next into a bucket of Malcolm’s Shino Glaze that I make.  I also line the pot with the same glaze.  And for the final touch, I use a deer tail brush and some “black” slip to add a bit of movement and, hopefully, poetry.  People ask me what my brushwork means and I think it is my way of capturing an energy in the moment.

Salt glaze shows on the bare areas of the teapot, giving texture sometimes like orange peel, and sheen.

Wood fired with salt to 2400 degrees.  6-cup capacity.

Makes a distinctively unique wedding, anniversary, housewarming, holiday, or birthday gift!

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