Yellow Salt Teapot


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I made Yellow Salt Teapot on the potter’s wheel from stoneware clay.  First, I make the teapot body and lid.  I made the body with a galley to seat the lid, altered the form with evenly spaced indentations, and trimmed a slight foot.  After trimming the body and the lid, I make a spout on the potter’s wheel.  When it is slightly stiffened, I cut and fit it to the pot, piercing holes where the spout will go to create a screen for loose leaf teas.  Once the spout is attached, smoothed, and pitched properly, I pull the handle from a lug of clay. I pull my handles directly from the pot, shape it and attach it at the bottom.

Yellow Salt Teapot has a galley to seat the lid and a trimmed foot to help keep heat from the teapot contacting surfaces.  The lid plunges into the pot and has a hand-built, twisted knot handle.  The spout is proportionate to the size of the pot and complements its form.

The result is a balanced sum of the parts.  Glazed with a Yellow Salt glaze, which I make,  I then load the teapot into my wood burning kiln and fire for 32 hours to 2400 degrees F.

Steep and serve your favorite tea, loose leaf or bagged.  The spout has a built in “screen”.  Serve sake if you like.  The teapot pours swiftly and without dribbling.
Display on a shelf when not using the teapot.

4.5-cup capacity.