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I made JT Chill on the potter’s wheel using stoneware clay and then trimmed a flat bottom.  With a beaded rim as both a design element and to protect from chipping.

JT is short for Joshua Tree, a glaze combination I created.  It consists of red iron rubbed into the surface of the clay body after the pot has been bisque fired and becomes permanent when the pot is fired in the glaze kiln to 2200 degrees.   The upper 1/4 of the pot is red gold with a copper green overlap and interior of the chiller is lined with the same red gold glaze.

Several ways to use as a chiller:  1)  Keep JT Chill in the freezer.  When you’re ready to chill your wine, take it out and place the wine bottle directly inside the sleeve.  The cold stoneware will help to chill the wine and it will also help to keep an already chilled wine cold longer.  2)  Place the chiller in the freeze an hour or two prior to serving wine.  3) Simply pop a cold bottle of wine in the sleeve without freezing.  The stoneware will still help to keep an already chilled bottle of wine cold longer. 4) Use as a decorative sleeve when serving any wine.  The sleeve will help to maintain the temperature of the wine.

Just to make things more fun, use to organize your favorite kitchen tools or as a flower vase!  And it’s easy to store when not in service.

Makes a great wedding, anniversary, holiday, birthday, housewarming gift!

7.5″High x 3.5″ Diameter

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