Rhapsody 2 Oval Vase


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I made Rhapsody 2 Oval Vase on the potter’s wheel from an iron bearing stoneware clay.  I started the form as a cylinder without a bottom.  Next I gently compressed the cylinder into an elongated oval if you will; and then attached a floor.  I find the process quite pleasing and the result satisfying. The form feels comfortable and fitting in your hands.

Everything about this piece is strong and satisfying.  I start by dipping into with a familiar glaze – Floating Blue, which I make.  Then I dip the top in a red gold glaze, which is going to move like crazy in the kiln.  Also, I trail, loosely, with a brush over the body of the pot.  And then I hand it off to the kiln.  Deep bluish purple flows from the top and then into fine streaks of bright white and then beads of pink and yellow.  Horizontal flowing lines adds depth and interest.  It’s almost like looking through the rain in technicolor blue?  Hard to describe in words.  Harder to title.  Rhapsody in blue?

Rhapsody 2 Oval Vase adds wow to any home.  Cut your favorite crop of flowers to suit the height of the vase and let the oval do the arrangement.  The presentation unfolds like a running meadow somehow. Two fists full of zinnias or daffodils.  Contrasting reds or yellows or oranges would look stellar against the blues.  Why not a mixed bouquet.  Set off a shelf, table top, or nook with the poetic charm of this oval vase.

Makes a great wedding, anniversary, birthday, housewarming gift too!

9″ High x 8″ Long x 3″ Deep

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