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I made the body of RIO Bottle on the potters wheel from a tan stoneware clay body and then coiled the neck and hand-built the lip and cork.  A knotted finial completes the piece.  I approach making finials much as I approach my brushwork:  It must be made in a fluid, spontaneous motion to capture the energy and honesty of the moment.

A journey of form – a full ovate body that tapers to the neck and then climbs a ladder of coiled ridges to finally reach the pedestal at the top.

I have been experimenting with all of my glazes and techniques for this latest series. Here, I began by staining the entire surface with a red iron oxide.  Next I poured blue and gold and cream glazes from top and let them run to the bottom.  The result is a layered, fluid golden-edged surface. The richness of the iron oxide is the perfect backdrop for the glazes.

Use RIO Bottle to decant.  And it’s food safe.  Or use it as a bud vase because it’s water tight.  Add a warm and intriguing focal point to any shelf, table, or nicho.

14″ High x 6″ diameter

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