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I made Shinto Pinto on the potter’s wheel as a cylinder and then squared the body and attached a slab floor.  Then I made a roof on the wheel and attached it while still soft, allowing it to swoop naturally. The door is cut to follow the form and accommodates tea light or votive candles.

I stamped the leftover slab pieces from making the floor with a batik print block and then cut out “frames” for the windows.  These took on a look that reminded me of the Japanese Shinto temples.  I then pierce the holes in shapes in leaf shapes.  Usually I float these over the surface but chose to keep the in a tighter pattern this time.  Uniform but not the same.

After bisque firing Shinto Pinto, I waxed each and every hole and dunked the piece into a bucket of black matte glaze.  I trailed red gold glaze over the roof to add a design element of interest.  Now it’s into the fire so to speak until 2200 degrees.  The finished piece is now stoneware ceramic, strong and tight, and vitrified.  It’s safe to be out in the elements although water will come in through the pierced holes.

East meets West in this slightly Asian aesthetic combined with a cowboy feel (must be that roof!).

Shinto Pinto adds a beautifully functional touch of magic to add to your home or garden.  Use inside on a dining table, side table, tub ledge, or niche.  Use outside on the patio, in the garden, or hang in a tree!  Makes a great wedding, anniversary, housewarming, gift.  Pair with Smokey Shoji and Hanging Ranch Lantern and you have an enchanting grouping.

Wired door accommodates tea or votive candles.  6.5″ H x 3.5″ x 3.5″