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I made Smokey Shoji on the potter’s wheel, using an iron bearing stoneware clay.  First I throw the body and then I alter it.  The floor is attached from a rolled slab of clay.   A roof is thrown on the wheel and also attached.  Putting the roof on before it gets too stiff allows the clay to droop and swoop naturally!

And once the form is complete, I cut the door and pierce the body with an Exact-o knife.  I don’t use stencils.  It’s all done intuitively.

After I bisque-fired Smokey Shoji, I waxed each and every window and then dipped the piece in a black matte glaze.  The roof has red gold glaze accents.  And then into the fire to 2200 degrees F.   Stoneware is a strong, tight ceramic and the finished ceramic is now vitrified, meaning it is no longer water absorbent.

The overall personality of this lantern reminds me of a cross between shoji screens and a ranch house.  I call it Smokey Shoji because of the black matte and the style of cutouts I suppose.

Hang the spirit house from a hook in a tree.  Set it on a patio table, along a spa, or in a flower bed.

You may also use the spirit or fairy house inside to add ambiance to any table, niche, or tub area.

Wired door accommodates tealight candles or votive.  Stuff the lantern with as many candles as will fit.  Wired handle/hanger.

7″ high x 3″ x 3″

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